Reflection – Holding onto Hope

Holding onto hope

At the start of the new decade no one imagined that the world would be facing such unexpected change. 
2020 Seemed to hold the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and possibilities. 
Then came something completely out of our control and suddenly whole communities across the globe are finding new ways of being, but not as they imagined, as they respond to COVID-19.
During these uncertain times ahead we will all experience different thoughts and emotions as we consider what this might mean for us?
Amidst the questions and concerns I wonder if this might bring us back to what is most important in life and to reflect on what it means to live as human beings.
So much is out of our control but we can choose how we respond. We can choose to look for moments of joy and goodness that many people will show as they reach out to each other. 
Perhaps now more than ever we might truly know our neighbours and think about how we can look out for them with acts of kindness. My hope is that as we set sail into unknown waters we will look back and see chords of love woven into our communities that will strengthen us and not divide us. My hope is that we will see a beautiful picture emerge in which we recognise ourselves in each other.
So in times like these let’s reach out in hope and highlight the goodness of humanity. 

Revd Jackie-Dee Thornton
University Chaplain
Anglia Ruskin UniversityChelmsford