St Augustine’s Virtual Walk to Jerusalem for WaterAid during Lent

Each year St Augustine’s pledges to raise money for charity in UK and abroad. This year for our international challenge we have chosen WaterAid. We all tend to take water for granted in the UK but right now there are over 800 million people who don’t have clean water and over two billion people lack a decent toilet.  The problem is huge and WaterAid is committed to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere, within a generation.

We invited people to join us on a Virtual Walk to Jerusalem for the 44 days of Lent.

Every Friday, walkers sent in their mileage and by the end of the fourth week, together with 67 walkers, we had walked 3928 miles and so reached our virtual target of Jerusalem

And while we were walking some very kind people wer donating to our JustGiving Page which has now surpassed our target. The Just Giving website will remain open until May.

Here is a short video about the virtual route we took.

Since we had reached our target by Mothering Sunday, 42 of our walkers decided that they would continue to keep walk and a small competition was organised with prises for those who had walked the furthest and some random prizes given out to various walkers – even the dogs got a prize!

We celebrated the end of the walk on Easter Sunday via a zoom meeting with some of the walkers and it was great to talk to Avi who lives on a kibbutz near Jerusalem.

And also showed a video of some of the walkers – just for fun! Unfortunately the file is too big to show on this website!