Saturday, May 25, 2024

Electoral Roll 2024

Church Electoral Roll (CER)

Under the Church Representation Rules (CRR) every lay person is entitled to have their name entered on the CER provided they meet the following criteria :-

  1. they are baptised
  2. they are 16 or over
  3. they live in the parish
  4. they live outside the parish but have habitually  worshipped at St Augustine’s for the last 6 months.

Being a member of the CER gives those members the right to attend and vote at certain meetings, for example, at the AGM or a formal church meeting.

The CRR require that the CER is revised each year shortly before the AGM. After the revision in 2023 there were 37 names listed on the CER and two further names were added during the course of the year. Written notice  was given on 5 April 2024 that this year’s revision would be carried out between 13th  and 28th April 2024. The results will be reported at the AGM.

Under the CCR an new CER must be prepared every six years and the next occasion when this will happen is 2025. This means that next year all members who wish for their names to be listed on the CER, whether or not they are currently members, must complete a new application to do so.

Doug Hayton

Electoral Roll Officer